A guided relaxation to relax and restore your energy levels.

Spotlight on Health

Do you want to manage pain or stress better?  Or are you not sure what exactly you need but have not been content for some time?

Perhaps a spotlight on health is what is needed - a fairly in-depth telephone or Skype call that gets more to the heart of what is going on for you. Tanya is available on Mondays and Thursdays to discuss your concerns  to get you back on track with creative ways to help.

  • Choose a time on where you can talk with no interruptions  on Mondays before 5pm and Thursdays before 9pm
  • Text +44 (0) 797 7070 187 with your TIME and DAY (Please include Skype if preferred) 
  • Expect a quick response with a confirmation date. 

People who respond the most to Tanya's spotlights on health are people who have to cope with high levels of stress, pain or anxiety,  wish to engage fully and play an active role in their wellbeing. If you take yourself seriously and know when to ask for help then you may have come to the right place! 

The process can be quite illuminating as an exercise in itself.

Expect some of these questions to be quite challenging as they are designed to find where you sabotage yourself from your own self belief. A heart space mini meditation begins and ends the call to invite integrity and clarity and ends similiarly to leave us both in a good space!

This service is a one time offer and is free of charge.