An interview about Tanya's background.

A photocopied book called 'The 30 Day Hatha Yoga and Meditation Plan' by an anonymous author was lent to Tanya in her early twenties.

Was that when you wanted to become a yoga teacher?

I still sometimes use an adaptation of this course with people I recognise as unfocused or who just wish to learn to meditate and do simple yoga to improve concentration and energy levels. So yes, I naturally wanted to share the inner peace that I had found and began teaching friends without yet thinking of it as my vocation. 

What type of CPD do you do?

The postgraduate courses I have attended have been on Visceral Organs with Michael Kern DO RCST, The Face and Expression with Katherine Ukleja DO RCST and  2 Mothers and Babies residential seminar with Clare Dolby DO RCST. 

The Mother's and Babies seminars transformed my baby clinic. One experience that will stay with me is how we were asked to guide a fellow post graduate attendee around a garden. My first reaction was a bit closed minded, I wanted to know what the point was before experiencing something that seemed irrelevant. We took it in turns to be led and did so with a blindfold on.  It felt like an incredibly vulnerable place to be. We wanted to slow right down. It was Claire's way of reminding us what kind of pace works when interacting with a baby who is just learning how to be in this world too. 

Another gem from this course was watching a baby begin to crawl for the first time with two craniosacral therapists working with him. 

As for yoga development, at Triyoga I get to attend classes with some of London's top teachers and there is always an inspiring international teacher doing a workshop. Francoise Freedman, Emma Balnaves, Tim Cummins, Aki Omori,  Lolly Stirk and John Stirk have influenced me the most. 

How did you become focused on Craniosacral Therapy, was there a catalyst?

After a couple of car accidents, a stressful job in the Canary Islands and a serious digestive illness (IBD / Crohn's) I tried many therapies and found that  yoga therapy and craniosacral therapy worked the best for me. That may be in part why people going through their own healing crisis resonate with the work I do as I come from a place of utter conviction of how health can be transformed with these tools. I train in the biodynamic form of craniosacral therapy as it has always proved the most effective style for me personally and so how I work best.