'By contacting the core levels of health,

the craniosacral approach is a gentle and powerful tool

for the relief of suffering.


Micheal Kern D.O, RCST, M.I.Cr.I.A, N.D 

Have You Not Been Feeling Quite Yourself For a While Now?
Perhaps It's The Adaptive Neutral 

If you are feeling tired and low with aches and pains that come and go, and not really yourself because of persistent or acute stress…then you may be experiencing an 'adaptive neutral'.

This is a term used in craniosacral therapy to describe a compromised system that can no longer bring itself back to optimal function. Feeling the body clear it's own inertia and tension, with the most minimal intervention can be a truly profound experience.

With roots in osteopathy, pioneers in this field came to experience how the body finds it's relationship to health through different types of stillness. By holding the body in a very gentle respectful contact, it begins to release patterns of tension and trauma that hinder the expression of vitality.  By resting fully clothed on a treatment table, a craniosacral therapists gently holds you with 'listening hands' to differentiate between fluid patterns held in the body.

It is a deeply relaxing and soothing method where tingling, pressure release and body realignments on a fluid level may be felt. 

Through a 3 step healing process the body realigns itself back to optimal function. Expect to feel lighter and brighter after the session and to have a very good night's sleep.

A golden family craniosacral session

Healing Birth Trauma

A 10 year old, with a very strong fear of abandonment and his mum talking about a difficult birth.

He needs to know to the minute where his mum will be coming home etc, more so than other children.

He already knew from being told his birth story he was taken into another room and separated from his mother due to an emergency C-section.

He had a vision in a previous cranio treatment of 'blades coming at me and being intensely pushed out".

He hadn't actually told me that during the session, but recounted the experience to his parents in bed days after, who kind of reacted rather bemused until it dawned later on his mum it was about the birth.

During this session he explained about the blades:

"It was scary having blades coming at you but kind of knowing not to be scared at the same time and then being lifted out into white light then liquid blue light with blue shapes"  (the doctors gowns were blue).

He had some toys to symbolize the people present at his birth. He knew that daddy wasn't in the operating room as his parents had already told him. He also knew from his mum that daddy didn't pick him up.

"Were you OK that Dad didn't pick you up?"

"Yeah, that was no problem. Being abandoned by mum was tough. But she was not able to being so cut up and it wasn't her fault. I love my mum so much."

(She actually wasn't able to pick him up for days and bonded with his grandmother first)

When he went to put the toy baby in the other room with the cot and set down the toy for daddy in the same room, his mum's jaw dropped open. "That was the exact place in the room where he sat!"

Nobody until tonight had acknowledge the stress the baby may have been in from the birth.

By telling his story again feelings become validated, and his significantly high fear of abandoment better understood. I asked him what was happening in his body "my legs are going numb and I feel quite a lot of trauma around my chest"

"When was the last time you felt like that" 

"Oh, at my birth"

"oh not any other time since?" 

"Yes, now. but only now'

When did you feel better?

"When my grandmother picked me up"

"What happened in your body when she picked you up?"

"My body went all soft and warm" 

"And when you are talking about that now what is happening in your body?"

"Yeah the same feeling, soft and warm."

This boy totally loves cranio.

By the end of the session he told me he will always want cranio from me for life and that I should have a baby so that I could train the baby how to do treatments so he could still have cranio from him after I die!!

(OK maybe we haven't completely cured the abandonment issue yet)

Bless these moments.

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