Looking for a thorough approach to an injury or symptoms of stress?

By regularly clearing patterns of tension, your body receives a high level of support and gets the best chance to stay in recovery.

Old patterns have no time to re-root between sessions.

Through a daily set of yoga, self healing techniques and craniosacral therapy (or as close to daily as possible)

there is little time for ailments to revert back to their set ways.

The body becomes freer, old patterns either disappear or become less distracting and the mind becomes brighter.

Short courses only usually available to people who have previously had some beneficial experience of craniosacral therapy.


"I feel more myself, better than I have in years - my colleagues at work would never believe the arthritis cleared in my knees through a hands-on treatment. I am incredibly grateful."

Surgeon, North London

Client Feedback from a 5 day short course. 

90 minute sessions

1) Were there any specific concerns with your health that you wanted to address?

Although I had no specific heath concerns, I came to the course hoping to get certain subtle energy flows working more strongly and spinal release to complement my yoga practice.

2) Why did you opt for a 5 day programme?

I felt that a five day program would allow me to go deeper that I had previously managed with the cranio treatment. Previously I had only had sessions that we quite far apart.

3) What benefit do you think the mix of meditation and Craniosacral offered?

I thought that the two practices worked well together, by meditating prior to the treatment I found that we dropped into the correct working space much more quickly. 

4) Who would you recommend this programme to?

Anyone who had suffered trauma and also anyone who was looking to go deeper with a yoga, tai chi or meditation practice but was finding it hard to drop into that space where practice is effortless.

5) Any other feedback good or 'constructive'?

I think that Tanya is a wonderful and insightful practitioner. I found that the experiences I had after this 5 day course of increased openness and stronger energy flows have been lasting and profound.