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Autism spectrum toddler.

Tanya Goodman Bailey first healed my son of colic when he was 3 months old after just one session!

In December 2015 when he was 2.5 years old, I called her out the blue and she agreed to help heal my son who was emotionally all over the place, he refused to walk anywhere, I couldn't take him out, everything was overwhelming for him, especially playgroups. It was exhausting for me.
Within 3 sessions of seeing Tanya, he was walking all the way to the park, he was completely relaxed and he walked into playgroup, sat down to play and really enjoyed himself!

A few months down the line my non verbal son needed a top up, so we went to see Tanya again, after the session my son got up looked at her and said "bye bye!" I was gobsmacked! 

Tanya has recently helped transition my son (now 3) into nursery. The staff there said he laughed so much the other day, he set the whole room off laughing with him! They said it touched their hearts to see him so happy!

Kayden loved Norman too, it was as though the two connected on a level I'd never seen before and with Tanya playing the ukulele in the background, it was the best session ever!

Tanya is Kayden's earth angel, I hope other people see this post so they can have an this wonderful, beautiful angel in their life too


'I wanted to give you a testimonial for your web-site about the craniosacral therapy you gave my son Carter. We had two sessions with you when he was a month old, because he had colic. It was diagnosed by the hospital and we were braced for another 2 or 3 months’ of it, but after his two sessions, it just went! I couldn’t be happier, because it was so hard seeing him in pain and being unable to help him. He was immediately more relaxed and I also feel it helped us understand each other a little bit better, which enabled me to respond to his needs more successfully. He’s a happy little boy these days. Thank you!

Best wishes from Helen' 


"Tanya!! I can't believe the shift! My baby is sleeping, he's sleeping much longer at night, just nuzzling in when he wants but maybe only twice in a night and he's sleeping in til 7 when before I saw you he would be up when it was still dark...I feel like that was complete magic you have worked on him, through me!! Thank you thank you thank you! You have good powers lady!

Amy, North London Mum (after just one session where her son was present for the first 10 minutes before leaving the house so mum could be undisturbed during the session)

Crawling Issues

I was amazed by the change from one day to the next...
You focused mainly on his crawling and though he isn't yet cross crawling and off and about, the day after we say you marked the start of quite a big increase in crawling activity. Alfie now shuffles on his tummy reaching out for things, he can get from sitting to his front too he still just rocks when on all fours but putting it all together and starting to crawl is the final piece in the jigsaw puzzle. Aside from the fact that it all just seemed to hit fast forward the day after we saw you, the thing I am most pleased with, and that I had mentioned crawling at all to you for, is that now Alfie doesn't get stressed and moan when he is on his front, he is far happier to be there and is certainly not far off being on the move. 
So I wanted to say thank you for what you achieved in just an hour! We'll probably see you again soon, I'll see how the sleeping goes. 
Many thanks,

I would definitely recommend this service. It has been life saving!

My baby change completely after only one session. She used to cry a lot, had digestion problems, she was really unsettled. Now she is a happy contented baby all thanks to the gentle touch of Tanya!


Text response after one session for suspected colic:- 

Hi Tanya, - yes - a definite change last night. Much shorter crying spell and I was able to console her with tiger in the tree. Fantastic! We would like another sesh please!! When suits?


Biodynamic Craniosacral

Adult asthma:

'good morning!

i felt quite relaxed in my breathing all night.

slept like a babe'.

So much better today, really tired sore neck but my foot feels so much better. That was a really special treatment, you are pretty amazing Tanya. I feel very comfortable with you and love your humour!

Have a lovely day and I look forward to my next session. xx


'10 hours healing sleep and the most peaceful awakening this morning thank you 
thank you'


I had never heard of cranialsacral therapy but through my yoga connection with Tanya I decided to give it a go. A bout of insomnia from traveling and working away from home was troubling me and conventional sleeping tablets weren't helping at all.

Maybe it was the lack of physical contact I had been experiencing or the simple act of ones head being held, maybe the safe and candle lit environment Tanya provided or the calming effect of her voice and tone. Suffice to say after one single session I had the sweetest sleep of my adult life. 

It seems in this day and age sleep is the one thing we feel most deprived of, the elusive 8 hours a night. As a busy person it's important to know that I can find a way to hit the pause button and feel restored when I need to.

Over the following course of sessions Tanya worked me though the 'waves' and how to regulate your breathing. If you need to talk to her you do and if you don't that's fine.

My body often shook off the tension/negative energy and realigned itself. 

I can assure you having tried many alternative therapies, cranial is a hidden gem. I still have the occasional cranial session but not as regularly as I used to. (That's how good Tanya is)


Michelle, Actress

Dental Work

Craniosacral Therapy is absolutely the best thing for post trauma - thanks Tanya Goodman Bailey for making me feel a million times better. Everyone should have a cranio treatment after major dental work I reckon  ;)

Plantar Fasciitis

“If it wasn’t for Tanya I’d still be suffering with Plantar Fasciitis. 

Plantar Fasciitis is a very painful foot condition which makes walking extremely difficult. Since developing the condition I’ve met 2 people who have had it and both struggled for least 4 months before being able to walk painlessly. I was pain free within 1 month!
Tanya was recommended by a good friend and thank goodness she was. She took me under her wing with good advice and gentle encouragement, working wonders on my physical and spiritual bodies. With each session pain & swelling reduced, leaving me hopeful and relieved.
This was my first ever experience of Craniosacral Therapy and there is no doubt in my mind it works. It’s a beautifully relaxing experience which will not be forgotten and now that it’s in my life I feel much better for it!

Thanks Tanya! :)”



"Had a gr8 wk feeling better than have in ages," 

text message from a surgeon, East Finchley, a home visit client receiving a weekly course in craniosacral therapy. 


"Without our breathing and meditation techniques I couldnt have done the MRI scan, I am claustrophobic! I have done similar techniques before but they wouldn't have worked without the disicplined approach you showed me." 

art historian, after a VIP programme of  7 home visits  within a 10 day period in meditation, gentle yoga and craniosacral therapy.  

Post Chemotherapy

Hi, My daughter slept better last night. She's perky and asked for her laptop! She seems to have picked up. Feel it's due to your treatment. Thank you so much for your amazing talent x

Ankle injury / 
Jaw misalignment
 / Emotional stasis

'I’ve had four treatments. As with all therapies, it’s essential that the therapist first gets a detailed history of their client. Although this is my least favourite bit, Tanya made me feel comfortable and I walked away from that first treatment feeling very relaxed and confident, especially as I’d had problems with my right ankle, that totally eased over the next couple of days.

As a result of three more treatments I was able to weep again.

I have much clearer thinking on key ‘problems’, and best of all, during the last treatment, which dealt with the head/jaw, my bite, which had become ‘off centre’, probably due to the various strains of the previous couple of years, was corrected.

I am a very grateful recipient. The point here – being – Tanya’s a wonderful healer.'

Pete C 

Yoga and Yoga Therapy

"I had a terrible stomach attack which I think was food poisioning as I ended up being sick but thanks to you was calm and able. I used the yin poses and the Belly Love to flow with the pain; with things like rubbing my thighs and circling hands on stomach. I am so grateful for you in my life! Thank you a million times."

Hi, Thank you for a wonderful class today, I felt so chilled, so inward-looking; feeling such peace and tranquility and an inner stillness that I wanted to hold on to, in fact I would have liked to have sat in a quiet room to hold onto it. However, I have held onto it, it has not dissipated. I haven't felt like this for a very long time, if at all. Thank you. Please do not feel you have to respond to this, I just wanted to let you know. Lots of love and peace to you and yours ...Namaste xxx

Yin Yoga

Comments from students after class:

'I had no idea how much I needed this'
'Wonderfully indulgent. I wish my husband would come!'
'Feels totally peaceful - how yoga should be'  

A thank you note from a Yin class:

Thank you for teaching me what yoga is really all about ;)

You have helped my healing process more than you know. You're wonderful!

Until our paths cross again, many hugs + namaste,


Classical Yoga 

Thankyou for Triyoga! 

I love attending all the classes, it always such a brilliant experience and an enhancement of my life.

Today I took Tanya Goodman Bailey's class. She is one of the more special, talented teachers, whose style is insightful, creative, extremely varied so never boring and whilst being a great workout, touches one's soul! She is truly unique. By the way, I have been practising yoga since 1985 and have trained +practised all over the world, so have experienced a lot of teachers.  

( feedback form at Triyoga) 

Panic Attacks

'I was getting panic attacks every few days, so I went to my doctor who recommended Tanya, for him it was a case of me making a choice of medication or Yoga , so I got the choice right first time! = no more panic attacks!'

Michael F  

Pregnancy Yoga

Dear Tanya, 

Just a quick note to say thanks so much for the fab classes. I've never laughed so much or felt so nurtured in in a yoga class. Stevie Wonder is definitely on my birth-day play list for when the going gets tough. Along with lots of ribbon breathes and lion roars!

Will be in touch when the baby arrives, 

lots of love,


Meditation and Craniosacral Short Courses

Client Feedback from a 5 day short course. 90 minute sessions

1) Where there any specific concerns with your health that you wanted to address?

Although I had no specific heath concerns, I came to the course hoping to get certain subtle energy flows working more strongly and spinal release to complement my yoga practice.

2) Why did you opt for a 5 day programme?

I felt that a five day program would allow me to go deeper that I had previously managed with the cranio treatment. Previously I had only had sessions that we quite far apart.

3) What benefit do you think the mix of meditation and Craniosacral offererd?

I thought that the two practices worked well together, by meditating prior to the treatment I found that we dropped into the correct working space much more quickly. 

4) Who would you recommend this programme to?

Anyone who had suffered trauma and also anyone who was looking to go deeper with a yoga, tai chi or meditation practice but was finding it hard to drop into that space where practice is effortless.

5) Any other feedback good or 'constructive'?


I think that Tanya is a wonderful and insightful practitioner. I found that the experiences I had after this 5 day course of increased openness and stronger energy flows have been lasting and profound.