Yin Yoga and Scarvelli-Inspired Hatha in North London.

Yin yoga taught by Tanya Goodman Bailey is a particularly restorative class drawing on craniosacral insights of taking gravity off the joints and releasing tension through padding to facilitate a highly therapeutic experience.  

These floor based or sitting postures aim to rehydrate the yin tissues in the body (connective tissues like bone, blood and fascia). 


57 Jamestown Rd, London NW1 7DB

Classes covered by Mary Young until November 2017


Please arrive 5-10 mins early at studio 1 to prepare props.


4.00pm - 5.30pm


4.45pm - 6.15pm

(booking advised)

Scaravelli-Inspired yoga prioritises fluidity of the spine and uses gravity to help the postures build integrated movement, suppleness and strength. It feels freeing, is unhurried. However the body does feel stronger and nicely conditioned by the end of the class.

Private Classes

Tanya is not taking on more private work for the time being.

Next opening mid summer.

Shadow yoga came into my life in my late 30's. Like Scaravelli, the form just felt so kind and intelligent, but with more focus on leg strength which is important as we grow older. Notice the muscle mass on the thighs of our elders. What have they been doing to help keep their strength or has it become less important or possible for them?

One reason for leg strength is circulation. It helps to have tone in the legs to aid the return of blood back up to the heart. If you have big calf muscles and thought they were a curse, turns out they are a blessing! You are pre-determined to have minimal circulatory issues!

Shadow yoga is so much more than this, I am not a Shadow yoga teacher but I practice bits that help me and so it does influence my teaching.

If you practice contentment, it may just rub off!

Before we even practice postures yoga asks us to put some preliminary measures in place. Are we 'practising' contentment? Are we non-harming? Are we clean of body and truthful in speech? (note that the non-harming comes before the truthfulness... we can speak our minds and hurt people or we can choose to wait to say our piece in a way that first created space to be heard and taking care of the other's feelings. I admire those who have that skill innately; neither falling into the trap of never truly expressing themselves so not to avoid confrontation nor alternatively, letting loose a dig or a tirade of emotional abuse weakly defended by 'but it's The Truth!' 

All of this won't guarantee contentment in Headstand, but we can try! After all it is given such iconic status, heralded as the King of Postures...and may be easier than you would have thought with the right guidance from a qualified teacher.

To be fair, people can attempt this over and over...I was lucky: I was taught a version really young,  by my non qualified mum. I must have been about 5, a pre-schooler, given as a distraction from feeling left behind when my sister left to go school. And yes, despite the lack of credentials, my cervical spine was fine!

Foundation Pose.

Not strictly yoga, similar to chair pose but with the knees kept back over the feet. Strengthening for the legs and back.Also good with legs wider in Horse's stance.

Become familiar with chair yoga now so you don't have to learn when you really need it! Great for rehabilitation and general health.